The Experience

The essence of the Planet experience is the boat. The boat will be based on a traditional Indonesian design with six comfortable above deck cabins for clients. The first boat will be located in the Quirimba Archipelago in Northern Mocambique which offers a unique and unspoiled tropical island landscape and good Miombo woodland areas reaching as far as the Niassa Game Reserve. Clients will enjoy the best luxuries East Africa has to offer as well as witness stunning natural landscapes.

All conservation activities will also be based on the boat, with core staff living and working from the boat. A seamless integration of vacation and conservation will exist for tourists who join Planet experience for any length of time. The boat will provide flexibility and allow the project to address marine and terrestrial conservation issues in the area.

Guest cabin.  We offer the best in upmarket accomodation to ensure our clients' comfort.
Biological monitoring.  Our clients will be educated in all aspects of conservation.