Our Approach to Tourism

With greater levels of disposable income, more free time, and an increasing desire to explore the world, tourism has become a global industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars per year. Whether such tourism involves an excursion to enjoy a neighbouring town or recently available trips to space, it has become an industry responsible for the preponderance of national income for many countries and a significant contributor to economies worldwide. In the developing world, much of this tourism is centred on natural resources – pristine marine environments, an abundance of wildlife, unspoiled rain forests – and has thus been optimistically termed eco-tourism. In reality, eco-tourism contributes little to the environment that supports it and is more of a marketing concept than a reality in terms of conservation.

Planet is committed to a new model of conservation tourism. We plan to attract tourists who are long-term learners, seriously concerned in conserving the few truly unspoiled fauna and flora of the world, and simultaneously interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of the issues and challenges involved in safeguarding precious environments. These travelers will want to do more than sit by and watch nature, and instead want to be truly educated, engaged, and captivated by the natural world. Planet believes that this can creatively combined with a luxury vacation.

Planet will provide its select clients with a stimulating and highly unique experience where their contribution is valued and meaningful. They will be able to actively engage in their desire to make a difference by knowing that their minds and their money will be well-utilized to conserve the stunning environments they will encounter. As mentioned, such clients will be kept fully cognizant of Planet activities, will become a part of the decision-making process, and will be kept appraised of how their contributions are spent.

A New Integrated Approach

It is perhaps inevitable that most of us are used to taking a habitat approach to conservation, and that we readily accepts such concepts as a marine reserve, a protected watershed area, a terrestrial national park. Planet will take an ecosystem approach, recognizing that all habitats are interdependent and interactive to remain in crucial ecological balance. Our long-term objective is therefore to initiate programs in strategic areas around the world that provide a combination of marine, littoral, and terrestrial environments, all adjacent and in important contact with each other.

Our first priority is to place boats in these identified areas of interest. These boats will be specifically designed and built to serve as highly comfortable platforms from which to launch our conservation initiatives.