About Planet

Planet is a new conservation concept. We are developing a conservation organization that is self-financed and approaches conservation in a holistic manner, incorporating ownership, gender, economy and protection into its outlook.

Planet recognizes that efforts to maintain ecologically sound ecosystems requires expertise from a wide range of disciplines in order to address today's conservation issues, including global warming, global economies and development. In order to achieve this, Planet intends to involve all stakeholders including our clients or "conservation partners", local communities, businesses and governing bodies.

We intend to utilize knowledge and expertise from all stakeholders to develop conservation initiatives. Tourism income will produce core funding for the organization.

Clients - Our Conservation Partners

We recognize that many people today are concerned about the planet's well being and that potential clients have the expertise required to fill the knowledge gaps in many conservation organizations. However, at the moment there is no medium for these people to add their input and projects lack their valuable expertise. We believe that by educating these laymen and creating a platform for the development and implementation of projects with input from our clients, our initiatives will be more well rounded and successful.

Mozambique’s diverse habitats.  Terrestrial and marine resource use are interelated and conservation projects must deal with this accordingly.